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3 Myths About the Use of Sunscreen

The sun protection is something that should not ever neglect, in terms of our daily routine to take care of beauty and health. Both the myths and the facts describing sunscreens in their instructions, is a great way to uncover misconceptions circulating on the protection from solar radiation. Below [...]

Disorders From Exposure to High Temperatures

What is sunstroke and what are its symptoms? For Best to use the term disorders of high temperatures despite sunstroke. Excessive exposure to high temperatures can lead to depletion of heat, heat stroke, heat cramps and sunburn. In heat exhaustion, caused increasing fatigue, weakness, [...]

Sun, Invigorating and Dangerous

We are in a new era with a different attitude towards the acquisition of “a healthy tan.” We all know about the harmful effects of irresponsible sun exposure (skin cancer, premature aging, cellular damage). Let us not forget, however, and their complications, which should recognize and [...]

Summer Is Equals To Sun Plus Sunscreen

Photoprotection Summer comes and orders of sunscreen have already arrived at our pharmacies. Once again we have to analyze consumer rules and the importance of photoprotection, risks having irrational sun exposure and use sunscreen because it has become urgent in recent years. You rush to answer [...]

Does Sunscreen Provide 100% Protection?

No sunscreen can offer complete protection from dangerous solar radiation. Even those with the highest index allow minimal exposure to radiation UVA and UVB. Consumers believe that the high level of protection provide safety. However, a sunscreen with index 15 absorbs 93% of UVB radiation and [...]

What Are Allergies And How To Deal With It

Allergies degrade the quality of human life. 22% of the world population suffers from some type of allergy. Allergies cause the deaths of 180,000 people each year, worldwide. 300,000,000 people suffering from asthma. Allergies are diseases showed a significant increase during the second half of the [...]

Protecting Children From The Sun

The relationship between the amount of solar radiation that is received by a person up to the age of 20 years and the development of skin cancer in adulthood is clearly proven. The harmful effects of solar rays is cumulative and depends on the amount one gets from birth. The “sun [...]

Stings and Insect Bites

Passing longer close to nature during the summer months, is likely to get in an unwanted “contact” with insects or animals. Let’s see what action to take and how to deal with the unpleasant experience of a sting or bite. Stings and insect bites Firstly to clarify that bites differ [...]

Accidents and First Aid

Sport activities are intensified in summer, as the holidays have free time, good mood and more opportunities to be found in nature. The enthusiasm, however, for a summer sport, can lead to overexertion or wrong moves, so increasing the risk of injury. Let’s talk about the most common of them [...]

Obesity: The Epidemic of the 21st century

The seasons in which the last bite tantamount to “our strength” and hungry kids in Africa was an argument to empty our plates are no longer ‘ghosts’ of the past, as the syndromes of previous generations who have people to appreciate and the slightest bite of food, have now [...]